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This is my ramble about various topics. You will see them listed in reverse order that I write them so that the newest entries are on top.

NOTE: These are whatever I feel like writing. The content frequently expresses my own opinions and nothing should be considered an absolute fact. It's up to YOU to verify the validity of any thing said here.

Note also that I won't intentionally lie to you. I will always give this my best effort to be factual. If you have any questions about anything here drop me an email at: - I am NOT looking for rants, critiques, or corrections. You can expect me to ignore any of these.

Going Into Hibernation Mode - Dec 29, 2021

With the omicron variant of COVID-19 taking over and the Ohio confirmed case 7 day average approaching (and now exceeding) 10,000 per day I have decided to stop the daily walking sessions. I'm also limiting the shopping days (one or two) and doing them earlier in the day.

If this goes on as predicted I should be back to 'normal' by the end of January.

Walking at the Nat - Dec 20, 2021

Since April I've been walking at the Natatorium 5 or 6 days a week. My goal is 2 miles - 16 laps. I don't always make that much but most of the time I do.

When I started out I was doing around 3 minutes even per lap. After a month or so I was averaging 2:40 per lap for the next few months. Once in a while I'd get a lap or two doing little faster time.

Two weeks ago, for some reason, I started getting faster times and towards the end of the week I was at or under 2:30. That turned out to be not such a good idea though because last week I was struggling to get 8 laps in - and at a much slower time. I quickly realized that I had exceeded my limits and had over stressed some muscles that would require some time to recover. Things got better through the week.

This week is looking good. I'm keeping the speed down (around 2:50) and almost made it to 16 laps today.

Somebody Was Listening or Was I Lucky? - Dec 5, 2021

The Natatorium is now back to the normal background music. Maybe it's just luck but I'll take it either way.

One Last COVID-19 Post - Dec 1, 2021

This will be my last post about COVID-19 until there is some significant good news on the topic.

There are three classes of people on the COVID-19 front:

  1. You've already got your vaccine (or really plan on doing it soon).
  2. You're on the fence about getting the vaccine for whatever reason.
  3. You're NEVER going to get a vaccine no matter what.
I'm not going to try to change anybody's mind who is in category #3. By now you have set yourself up in that category and are likely firmly entrenched there.

It's the people in category #2 that I want to speak to.

There are several solid sources of information out there. You have probably already read some of them. You may have also read some UNRELIABLE sources too. It's a matter of knowing which sources to trust.

Sources I Trust

  1. Dr. John Campbell (on YouTube)
  2. MedCram (on YouTube)
There are others of course but these are my go-to sources for information.

Sources I DO NOT Trust (to varying degrees)

  1. Facebook (I don't really use it anyway).
  2. Any other Social Media outlet.
  3. Most news media sources (because the sometimes get it wrong and tend to sensationalize the content).
  4. Politicians (mostly - they usually have their own agenda).

Thank You to:

  • The scientists who have been working hard to find the truth.
  • The health care workers who put up with this all and are still hard at work.
  • The front line workers who are there to help provide for all of our needs under very stressful situations.
  • Even the vaccine makers - even though they're at least partly in it for the money.

A Pre-New Year's Resolution - Dec 1, 2021

I promise to update more frequently.

Most days I get a 1-2 mile walk in for exercise. Right after Thanksgiving they started playing Christmas Music. Now, I like Christmas Music but NOT the same ones I heard for the last 40 years or so. My response is to turn off my hearing aids. This doesn't completely block them out but it helps. Maybe I'll try a set of headphones with my own music mix.

Winter is upon us and I'm ready for SPRING - or at least warmer weather. Alas, we're probably stuck with winter for another 3 months.

Booster Shots - Oct 23, 2021

If you haven't already gotten your vaccination for Covid-19 then you can skip the reset of this post - unless you are planning on doing so SOON.

I've got mine, how about you?

Now that all three vaccines (in the US) are approved for booster use and mix/match is also allowed which booster should you get?

Note: This is MY opinion based on what I believe to be factual information. Do your own research and/or consult with your doctor.
  • If you had Johnson & Johnson - You SHOULD pick either Moderna or Pfizer for your booster. Moderna seems to do the best job.

  • If you had Pfizer or Moderna - Probably best to stick with what you already had. I haven't seen anything saying mixing in this case makes a significant difference.
There are 'rules' for when and who can get the booster. Do your research to be sure what the current situation is.

Will the booster keep you from getting Covid-19? Maybe. That's because of how ALL vaccinations work. A vaccination effectively gives your body a heads up on how to fight the targeted infection. It does this in two ways:
  1. It stimulates your body to produce antibodies for the infection. These work quickest against the infection and can get your body to make more antibodies if you are infected. They do 'fade away' over time and how long that is varies.

  2. It stimulates your body to produce T-cells. These work like an instruction manual telling your body how to fight the infection. The T-cells, when activated, will stimulate the production of antibodies and trigger other immune system responses to fight the infection. T-cells are longer lived - generally for several years. The actual life varies. For the Covid-19 vaccine we just don't know how long they will last yet. Time will tell.
So you may still get the virus but your immune system will be ready to fight it off once you are vaccinated. All of the studies I've seen say that even if you do get an infection it will be less severe and the likelihood of hospitalization (and worse) are greatly reduced.

The vaccine only HELPS your body's immune system do it's job better. Don't forget to keep your immune system well stocked with the things it needs to do it's job - Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. They're all pretty inexpensive supplements and giving your body a little boost won't hurt.

Time to Attack Politicians (in General) - Sep 22, 2021

I'm not generally a political person but there is something that is irritating me.

There are politicians that are against Mask Mandates. I'm OK with that - they have their opinion and I have mine. In fact, I'm not totally in agreement with all Mask Mandates.

A Mask Mandate does indeed infringe on my rights. I don't care since it is actually helping me and others evade the pandemic for as long as possible. That's the whole idea of the mask - slow down the spread. They won't stop it but they will slow it down and lower the severity if you do get sick.

When the politicians want to FORCE me to accept their view by enacting legislation that bans Mask Mandates then that's where I draw the line. What right do they have to ban something that will, without doubt, cause more people to get sick and DIE?

That's why I will be researching all of the candidate's records when it's time to vote and will DEFINITELY vote against any candidate who supports banning Mask Mandates.

Will COVID Ever End? - Sep 1, 2021

It's been a while since I posted something. I was hoping for some good news but it just hasn't happened.

The new Delta variant has changed the game to one we can't win. There appears to be no way to achieve herd immunity. COVID is going to be with us for several years and hopefully it won't mutate into something that is more dangerous before it subsides into the background.

A few vaccinated people are now getting COVID. When they get it they are contagious before they know it and they contribute to the spread.

The number of confirmed cases per day in Ohio has quadrupled, from just under 1000 to nearly 4000 per day, over the month of August. At this rate we will start breaking records sometime in September. We have to do something NOW!

You have to understand that the vaccine may or may not keep you from getting COVID. The vaccine's 'job' is to give your body a jump on fighting it off and cannot outright prevent the infection. You STILL need to take precautions and minimize your risk of contracting the disease. Masks (oh, we are so tired of them), distance, hand washing, and ventilation all help. Doing what you can to improve your immune system (Vitamin D in particular) will also help. All of these things together can improve your own chances.

I know we're all tired of doing this stuff but until the case rates start going DOWN instead of UP it's still the best, and least expensive, way to combat this problem.

And keep in mind that the kids under 12 CANNOT get the vaccine yet. The classroom is going to be a super-spreader environment no matter what we do. I know it's sometimes unpopular but masks for the students and educators will help. The best way to make them work is to EDUCATE everyone about how masks work and the limitations of masks. They're not a 100% thing but they will help.

In summary:

  • The denser the virus is in the air the more likely you are to become infected. Higher densities of the virus in the air will also increase your risk of severe infection.
  • Wear your mask whenever you are in a group setting such as a store or restaurant.
  • Keep doing the distance thing and washing your hands. The hand washing has ALWAYS been a good idea.
  • Improve the ventilation whenever possible for situations where multiple people are gathering. The virus spreads through the air. Adding ventilation will dilute the virus and reduce it's spread.
  • Keep your own immune system tuned up. Vitamin D is inexpensive and easy to do.
Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Almost Three Months! - May 22, 2021

Much longer than I thought it was since the last update!

I've had both doses of of the vaccine. The second shot delivered a minor amount of additional side effect. The day after the shot I was a bit sluggish and didn't feel like doing anything - so I didn't. This let me put off a dental checkup scheduled for that day. Certainly not the worst outcome.

Since April 1st I've been 'fully vaccinated' so I have been getting out more and doing things I used to do. I'm back to daily (except Sunday) exercise where I walk 1-1/2 to 2 miles. It helps get me out and doing something on a regular schedule.

This week the Natatorium has started allowing vaccinated people to skip the mask. I kind of stuck with it for most of the week but dropped it when I went today.

Of course there are still people who aren't getting vaccinated. There appear to be two groups of people who haven't gotten vaccinated yet:

  1. The people who are just against vaccination for whatever reason. Some reasons are based on false information. Some are people who just don't want it for more valid reasons. This group is unlikely to be swayed by any reasonable means.
  2. The people who are apathetic about getting vaccinated. These are the 'Everybody else is doing it so why do I need to?'. This group might be persuaded.
Ohio has started something that may sway some people - a chance to win a $1,000,000 lottery if you're vaccinated. You have to register and everyone who has been vaccinated is eligible (yes, I registered).

And of course the warmer weather is bringing on the usual things like mowing the lawn. I'm so looking forward to that.

And to top it all off my internet has been up and down through the day. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's generally VERY reliable so I can't really complain much.

I'll try to update this more frequently, and I will try to, but no promises.

Coronavirus Updates and Minor Rant - Mar 3, 2021

It seems we're getting a handle on this pandemic. Case counts have been going down and it looks like every adult (who wants to) will be able get vaccinated by the end of May. That's great news and I look forward to the second half of this year becoming more normal.

Three or four more months of sticking to the restrictions is not all that long. We can do it. Wearing a mask is NOT THAT HARD!

Of course there will be those who will refuse the vaccine for whatever reason. A few (very few) will have a legitimate reason. Most of the rest are just being brainwashed into thinking something worse than the virus itself will happen to them if they get vaccinated. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rant time. The STUPIDITY of relaxing restrictions like Texas is doing defies all logic. Texas is already seeing increased case counts and with no restrictions starting next week will no doubt see more. Of course businesses and citizens could choose to continue to do the right thing. Remember - COVID-19 can result in hospitalization, long term effects, and worse.

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